When Nervousness Becomes Anxiety

nervesSweaty palms, sick stomach, racing thoughts… Everyone has felt nervous, but some people’s nervousness builds into heightened anxiety. You will never forget your first “anxiety attack,” and you never want to repeat it. In an anxiety attack, many people find it difficult to breathe as their heart beats at an alarming pace. You swear death is near. What can you do to avoid “the rev” of nervousness that builds into anxiety?

Combine action and attitude. Emotions cannot be separated from the body. When anxiety happens, certain actions calm the body and certain attitudes focus thought to relieve the emotions.

Here are some ideas:

Do what calms you. Meditate, watch a movie you love, drink chamomile tea, pray, listen to soothing music, exercise, etc. Stay in this moment – if your mind leaps to the future, make it come back to now. Before a known nerve-wracking situation, take supplements that keep you calm(but not comatose!). I like the homeopathic,”Nerve Tonic” and also “Rescue Remedy,” which is a Bach flower essence.

To focus thought patterns, choose a mantra that shifts thinking away from anxiousness. A mantra is a repeating phrase such as “Everything is okay. Everything is fine,” or saying “Calm” over and over. When you feel yourself spinning into anxiety, focus on your mantra. Outwardly, you are smiling, nodding your head, saying “Uh-huh,” but inside you are saying your calming word(s) over and over.

For more ideas, explore this article from the Nursing Online Education Database that lists “50 Quick and Easy Ways to Calm Your Anxiety.”


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