New Service: Website Builds

Perhaps you can tell that our mission at Strategic Health is to help people get healthy. One of the ways for people to feel better is by having easy access to natural health providers.

We want to connect you with the people who need you!


We recently used the Google Keyword Search Tool to see how many times a month someone searched the Internet for “massage santa fe.”  The result was 2,400!  That’s over two-thousand potential clients that represent real income to healers.  These are people who want your services!

Screenshot massage keyword search

With over 200 massage therapists in Santa Fe, each of them could be connecting with 12 new clients each month. At an average massage rate of $60, 12 clients represents $720 of new income that has potential to recur if the person becomes a regular client. Wouldn’t that be a nice boost to your business?!


Just having a phone number is not enough these days. You’ve got to be online. You’ve got to have a website that people can peruse to see if you are a good match for them.

It takes bravery to call someone you don’t know and ask them to touch your body, especially if it is for therapeutic reasons!

A website takes away the fear, especially if it shows your face, your facility, and your services in an attractive and compelling way.


Knowing you need a website is one thing, but getting one set up is the challenge.   You have to speak the language, know what you need, and then make it work. If you aren’t “techy” the task is almost impossible.  Even if you know about computers, who has the time to figure it all out? You could hire someone to do it for you, but the fees they charge are often outrageous. Plus, you aren’t sure if risking that much of your hard-earned money on a website will pay off.  Not many webmasters guarantee results.  That’s why most health practitioners don’t have websites.  And that’s why most health practitioners scramble to keep a sufficient client load to justify their effort.


Because our goal is to help people get healthy and getting healthy requires various therapies, it stands to reason that we would want to help people connect to therapists.

Our founder, Teresa Becker, has been in the computer industry since 1983. She had her own computer business for 20 years and taught computer classes at a college for 15 of those years. When her health crashed and the doctors sent her home to die, she found answers in the realms of natural health.  Her recovery was miraculous!  She decided to share the hope of health with others and switched from a career in computers to a career in health. She is a certified health coach and has helped hundreds of people regain their vitality.

At this time in her life, Teresa wants to expand her influence by helping other practitioners be successful.  She wants to invest in healers and thus enable them to reach more people. Teresa has experienced success as a client, a practitioner, a business owner, and a webmaster.  She knows your struggles with the business side of therapy and she wants to help you.


One of our goals is to help health practitioners who don’t have websites get them so that people can find the help they need.  We would like to build you a nice custom website and give you all the training you need to keep it going. You can use it to keep your current clients engaged, but most of all, you will have an opportunity to attract those 2,400 potential new clients.

Wordpress LogoWe build websites using WordPress because their templates are interesting and flawless in operation. They also feature a blog page that will help keep your website fresh and high on the search engine lists if you make regular entries. Not a writer? We will supply you with links to companies that offer free content.

Below are some examples of websites that we have built for people inside and outside the health industry. Even this website you are using right now is an example of what we can do!

Website - DeaVita

Dea~Vita Massage Therapy

Website - Wellness Cooperative

Wellness Cooperative of New Mexico

Website - Feel Yourself Thin

Feel Yourself Thin

Website - Solace Village

Solace Village

Website - Teresa Becker

Teresa’s Hub

Website - Revive Survive Thrive


The going rate for a service like this is between $500 and $1000 or more. We will set up your custom website, give you training, and on-going support for only $125 up front and $125 when we finish the site to your satisfaction.

By the way, WordPress websites are free! That means there are no other recurring costs involved in keeping your website on the Internet.


The possibilities are really unlimited in terms of what we can create for you. The best part is that these sites are easy to operate, even if you have no computer skills. Teresa is a great trainer who has been described as “having the patience of a saint.” She can help you learn your website and keep it going. You also have the option of hiring one of our staff to do the ongoing work for you.

Someone is doing a Google search right this minute.  Give us a call today!  (See Contact page.)


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